How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?
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Fluoride in our water. Current world thoughts and studies are saying this should not be in our water. Given that these studies world wide are giving negative reports and about the harm it causes, not to mention its classification as a poison.l would like to know where that leaves the water boards that dispose of fluoride in our water, all in the presumption that it helps our teeth which is also being debunked, Ballarat included. I'm sure you at the board must be aware of these studies and where does that leave you if people take legal action. As it will be the people that bails the board out, maybe the decision makers ought to be held accountable as well.

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Nic Kors
2 years ago · 0 votes · 1 comments
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Oh what nonsense. Pseudo studies. The same sort of thinking as leaving your children unvaccinated.

Ray Cowling
2 years ago
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