How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?
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In the 7 years I have lived in Waubra, I have never hada decent water supply. The water is generally foul, or excessively chlorinated
and has high salt content. Last year the salty water killed most of my citrus trees and my vegetables garden.
I have never seen CHW do anything other than to send out bills, and ignore our water problems. On one occasion when I rang to complain, I was told "It's shit water, we know - get over it!"
My solution is to forget about conventional desalination with all its expense, Instead I think that Ionisation of the water is a much better idea. Ballarat Golf Course uses this technology. will give you the scientific data.
Perhaps CHW could subsidise household units if required.
You have taken a lot of money from this area and delivered nothing but crap water and indifference.
Before that Customer Service Hero told me to get over it, he informed me the water was potable, to UN standards.
Guess what - this aint Botswana, and the year is 2017

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David Barker
2 years ago · 2 votes · 1 comments
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You can buy strong magnets that fit around your pipes and they retain these impurities in the water, though pipes need cleaning out occassionaly

Nic Kors
2 years ago
Remember: Be nice to each other. (terms of use)

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