How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?
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Living in Amphitheatre water from our reservoir has always been an issue since moving here 24 years ago. I know we have had droughts and less rain over this time but our reservoir has been filled a number of times. The water here is disgusting. It is either smelly(of rottern fish), cloudy, dirty, just plain unusable. I have complained a number of times over many years. yes the pipes are flushed but its not fixing the problem. We are told our water is at a reduced price( don't know if that's true) because of the condition you come and shower in it wash your children in it, wash your clothes in it wash your dishes in it.
How can it be fixed spend some money on it. I know I`ve spent a lot of money over the years putting in tanks so we don't use it in the house.
recently having blue green algae in it don't know how others survived the problem.

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Lisa Shannon
2 years ago · 0 votes · 0 comments
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