How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?
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We live in Argyle Cres Alfredton and it is hard for me to pass comments on this subject as since the tank and system on the golf course has been in operation (maybe that's why) our water has been totally acceptable. We do also run 13,500ltrs of rainwater for everything on the block and regularly switch from one to the other, not noticing any big difference.
I am very happy to conduct any monitoring of the town water supply but other than taste and colour it is hard without equipment. We are happy with it as it comes at present.
We are rather concerned seeing all the new land development is in the western suburbs, just where the water is going to come from, and don't tell me from our huge pipeline.... coz when Eildon is empty there isn't any more till it rains!

What planning is there being done for future additional reservoirs, or are we just all praying for de-sal, and without Latrobe power where does that come from.

There must be some sense in huge man made tanks, and I mean huge, on top of some of our local hills. with pumps from some of our flood waters. Maybe we won't flood Miners Rest again! To hell with the environmentalists when they're thirsty.

Sorry for all that, but you did ask!
Bill Brady.


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Bill Brady
2 years ago · 0 votes · 1 comments
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In Lake Gardens I would be happy to have decent water pressure. It is impossible to use both water inside or outside the house when you need to crank up the evaporative cooler. Also to be able to fill the kettle within a one minute timeframe! My comment is here as with all the extra development in Alfredton, our pressure has reduced further. Wait til the houses are all occupied!

Alison Perkins
2 years ago
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