2018 to 2019 Budget and Annual Plan

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What would you like to see Council spend next year’s budget on?

Council would like to hear what is important to you and what you would like included in the 2018-19 budget.

Greater Dandenong Council is responsible for delivering a range of services to its local community, including:

  • Children and families - childcare, maternal and child health, immunisation
  • Health and wellbeing - disability services, home and community care, food safety
  • Your home - rubbish and recycling, planning and building permits, pet registrations
  • Sport and leisure - sportsgrounds, leisure centres, parks and gardens, festivals and events
  • Roads and safety - roads and footpaths, car parks, street lighting
  • Community - libraries, theatre and the arts, community centres

Tell us where we should focus our budget by posting below.

There are other ways to have your say, including face to face sessions which will be held at Dandenong Library on Tuesday 23 January and Springvale Library on Wednesday 24 January. For more information click here




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1 year ago

Select a site, gain the funding and begin building the Keysborough South inter generational Community hub. There has been a lot of talking it is now time to act.

1 year ago

Arts, theatre and libraries.
Public art, arts programs for young people and new arrivals. Heritage initiatives.
Tree planting in major shopping centre areas and stacks more trees in parks and reserves.
- submitted by a member of the public via email

1 year ago

I would like more focus to be placed on Community and Sport leisure to provide more opportunities for young people in Dandenong to get involved and participate in activities
- submitted by a member of the public via email

1 year ago

Community, activities for youth and support for domestic violence victims and homeless people.
- submitted by a member of the public via email

1 year ago

More funding for youth based programs and events, engagement with young people around important mental health, domestic violence as well as participating in activities and events.
- submitted by a member of the public via email

1 year ago

Play equipment for the Faoro Court Reserve.
This park is next to the KCCC and kindergarten. Therefore would be ideal to allow these centres to use playground facilities, thus allowing the children to go on picnics, and outings,
With the new leads free dog park off Chapel Rd, perhaps this park can become more community focused, with play equipment.

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