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The Draft Dog Management Policy sets out a code relating to responsible ownership of dogs and includes the provision of declared areas.

Under the Dog Control Act 2000, Council has the ability to restrict dogs at all times from a declared area. While the Draft Policy has used this provision (to either restrict from entering an area at all times or restricted to being restrained on a lead), there has also been an introduction of two new off-lead exercise areas in the lower Channel area. 

The current Draft Policy provides a consistent approach to dog control throughout Kingborough and reflects the feedback provided in the community consultation carried out in 2017.

Have a look at the Draft Policy and submit your feedback here. Submissions close Monday, 25 June 2018.

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1 year ago

I understand the council want to ban dogs from most beaches. Many people in Taroona love walking their dogs. Very few people complain. So why pander to those people? That is undemocratic. Dog owners are held to ransom by a few dog haters. What annoys me is that Kingborough Council seems more intent on representing the views of a very small vocal minority than the silent majority of people! Quite frankly, the Council should be telling that small minority to sod off and encouraging more responsible dog ownership, than setting more rules and regulations. I will not vote for Councillors who fail to st...

1 year ago

So, just to be clear on the statistics. The population of Kingborough is about 36,000 and the average household size (from the census) is 2.6 people. So there are about 14,000 households. There were 6,200 dogs registered in Taroona which equates to 44% of households own a dog. Receipts from dog registrations increased from $213,000 in 2016 to $320,000 in 2017 being a 50% increase in revenue to the council in one year alone! In spite of this the council draft dog management policy imposes greater restrictions and reduced off lead areas, (Apex Park area has been halved!), while stating that “Dogs mak...

1 year ago

I strongly support the Draft Dog Management Policy restricting dogs from beaches unless declared dog areas on the basis of public health and safety. I am not ‘anti-dogs’, but I do believe they should not be allowed on beaches.

As a daily user of Taroona Beach I object to the numerous dog owners who ignore the Council’s existing 2010 Dog Management Policy every day and allow their dogs to run all over the beach off-leash, chase bird life, jump up on me and regularly defecate on the beach.

Dogs on beaches are a health hazard. Dogs carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans by dire...

1 year ago

Can 4.7 b) 'any shopping centre or any shop' to be clarified further?

For example - is it an offence to walk my dog to Coles and tie her up outside while I grab milk?

1 year ago

Some passionate responses here – both sides arguing to the ridiculous.

My view:

Dog parks/beaches are an important component of community interaction/meeting place, and create stronger communities.

The number of off-leash areas in kingborough council is limited, with high load of dogs in approved areas reducing amenity of those areas. There appears strong support here for a portion of beach in Taroona (north of Taroona Beach boat ramp) as proposed in a prior draft policy, as an appropriate compromise.

The limitations on dogs in public places is counter-productive. A well-supervised d...

1 year ago

I strongly support the proposed draft dog policy. In my opinion and experience as a mother of young children, dog exercise areas should be separated from children's playgrounds and bbq and picnic areas, for safety and hygiene reasons. On Taroona Beach, there is also a children's playground and a bbq area which is used regularly by young families. Taroona Apex Park is a large designated dog exercise area only a few hundred metres away from Taroona Beach, and is safe as the nearby children's playground is fully fenced. Thank you to the Kingborough Council for taking a sensible position on t...

1 year ago

A Draft Policy was released a couple of months back and that particular draft was going to allow dogs on the northern end of Taroona Beach (north of the boat ramp). That same Draft Policy was also going to allow dogs on Blackmans Bay beach and I understand that the vociferously vocal minority complained enough about that recommendation to warrant the Council to hold off releasing the Draft Policy for comment. Fast forward to this current Draft Policy and what do we see - dogs on Taroona Beach at all.....deleted without explanation. Who got to the Councillors??

The current Dr...

1 year ago

I think this is an excellent policy and strongly support it. My only suggestion/idea is that I would like there to be details around the consequences for people breaking the policy and how the council intend to enforce the policy. Is there a way for members of the public to report breaches etc?

1 year ago

I have major concerns with the conduct of the process and development of the Dog Management Policy and the draft of May 2018 as presented for comment.
Specifically the summary exclusion, without transparency of the two proposed Dog Exercises on sections of Blackmans Bay and Taroona Beaches in the May version, despite being included after much “community consultation” and being declared (along with other changes) as a “reasonable compromise” by the Manager Governance and Property when presenting the April Report.
In Summary I am concerned about: The exclusion of the Blackmans Bay Beach an...

1 year ago

I suggest that people and councillors take a look at Hobart City Council and how they handle and restrict the dog exercise areas and especially the beach areas where dogs can go off lead.
NutGrove and Long Beach are a great example. Off Lead between 7pm and 8am DS time, this would not interfere with children or sunbathers, and it has worked well at Nut Grove, people actually enjoy a conversation with each other as they do at Kingston Beach when our dogs are enjoying the free time.
At other times 3pm to 9am, isn't this discussion about compromise, we should be able to share this beach no one s...

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