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Plan comparison

Standard Professional Premium
408AUD 310USD 230GBP monthly 788AUD 595USD 450GBP monthly 1278AUD 965USD 725GBP monthly
Number of Project Landing pages 2 5 5 or more
Number of License Users 5 10 10 or more
User Permissions Standard Standard Customizable
Forum, Survey and Polling Tools Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Community Maps 1 map per year 2 maps per year 3 maps per year
End User Notifications Standard Standard Customizable
Landing page templates and branding Standard Custom Corporate
Palette and Theme
includes white labeling
Reporting and analytics Standard Standard Customizable
Database Standard Standard Customizable
Training and support Standard Standard Premium
Access to e-learning
Data export
Profanity Filter & Moderation
Help desk
Access to continuous platform improvements

SLAs and Definitions

A project landing page is a page to be used for a whole organisation (eg Have Your Say style portal) or a single dedicated project. Each plan has a set maximum number of Project Landing pages available to publish.
A License User is someone who has access to the OurSay Client Dashboard. Each Plan has a set maximum number of License Users available at any one time.
Under our Standard Plan, a License User can be set as an Administration User (able to publish pages and tools and add other License Users to the account) or an Author User (able to draft tools and pages).
License Users can access our Forum, Survey and Polling Tools. We offer an unlimited use of these tools on any of the plans.
Community Maps are a map-based version of our Forum Tool. In consultation with our Product Team a License User can set up a Mapping area where End Users can place pins or markers with comments and feedback. The Community Map then uses Forum Reporting and Analytics to report on engagement. Typically a mapping project requires two briefing meetings with our Product team to scope the project. At the conclusion of a Community Mapping project, OurSay then provides a detailed geographic data report.
OurSay has a powerful notifications tool which allows License Users to notify End Users about key project interactions (Forum opening, Forum Closing, Forum update, Landing page Update, Idea/Question Shared, Idea/Question Commented on). These notifications are available on our Standard and Professional Plans. Custom notifications are available on our Premium Plan, starting with the ability to customise a "Sign Up Notification".
As standard, License Users can use one of four landing page templates (default, full width, right sidebar and V2). On our Professional Plan we can set colour themes to match the client’s style guide. On our Premium Plan we can offer bespoke template in consultation with our product team, including the removal of OurSay branding.
License Users have access to our standard reporting and analytics. Under our Premium package we are able to develop bespoke reporting template which includes access to additional information, for example Google Analytics data and document downloads.
Our standard database allows End Users to have a single sign on when engaging with our partners. For example, an "End user" is able to engage with their local water authority and local council using a single account login process. OurSay’s terms allow us to share End User Data with partners who have engaged End Users.
Organisations are able to set up their own Database using our Premium Plan. This ensures data is not shared with any other organisations.
We offer Standard Training each month to our License Users ( For Premium Plan we offer bespoke training, including onsite training (excluding travel costs). This allows for organisations on a Premium Plan to schedule their own training sessions with their own pre-designed content, in consultation with our Customer Service team.
Standard Support means requests for help (via receive a response from our team within 60 minutes, between 9am to 12am Monday to Friday (AEST), excluding public holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year’s day. Critical issues are resolved within 16 hours. Organisations on our Premium Plan receive priority status, which means we deal with their requests for help first.