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What should South Gippsland Shire Council’s top three priorities be in 2018/19?

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After a year in office, Council has reviewed and refined strategies in the 2017-2021 Council Plan and proposed 16 new Initiatives for 2018-2019 (Year 2).

Before finalising the revised Council Plan, we want to hear if the strategies and Year 2 initiatives are the right mix of priorities to focus on. If not, what priorities are missing? What could Council do to address them?

So have your say! The OurSay forum will be open from Monday 5 to Sunday 18 February, or pop in to one of our ‘drop-in’ days from 1.00pm to 6.00pm at the Memorial Hall Leongatha on 8 February and 10.00am to 3.00pm on 9 February, the Mirboo North Italian Festa at Baromi Park on 11 February from 11.00am to 3.00pm and then 41 Main Street Foster from 1.00pm to 6.00pm on 15 February and from 10.00am to 3.00pm on 16 February.

All the ideas gathered will be provided to Councillors in late Februrary to see if any priority changes are needed before the revised Council Plan and Year 2 Initiatives are endorsed for formal submissions in late March and April and then final adoption towards the end of June 2018.

Responding to your ideas

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8 months ago

Please look into sealing Clancys Road in Korumburra I've lived on the Road for 4 and a half years and after it has been graded it goes back to being dangerous in about 3 weeks. It is a very well used road.. Also would love more activities for youth in the area.

8 months ago

Continue to advocate and lobby the relevant government bodies to secure the Railway Precinct for community use. Design and funding for the proposed Railway Precinct would be part of the advocacy and lobbying. With the refurbishment of the Korumburra Railway Station, and the proposed construction of the Community Hub in this location, as well as the extension of the Rail Trail through this area, and the funding secured for the construction of the Korumburra Skatepark, the opportunity is prime to secure this 4 ha of land for the use of the Korumburra community.

8 months ago

1.Support the recommendations of Preserve Our Forests Mirboo North and District to ensure logging of our native forest in Mirboo North and any other areas within our Shire does not go ahead as planned.
2. Recognise and support the valuable economic input tourism contributes to our Shire. Mirboo North's tourist attractions are all reliant on the native forest that is located in close proximity to the Lyre Bird Walk and on the Dickies Hill Tourist Drive. Three coupes are planned to be clear felled.
Small towns like Mirboo North and Meeniyan are doing an amazing job showcasing our Shire. The Ital...

8 months ago

With the recent decision by council to create the Korumburra Hub at the rail yard location , and the positive recent news that funding is available to bring the stunning Station building to it's former glory... l would like the shire to bring forward and maintain this positive momentum and continue with the actions necessary to get the Hub on a 2018 agenda with the whole community in mind, this precinct will be a major benefit to Korumburra . Apart from the visual impact and activities planned by various groups and clubs...my focus is...the people.... l recently volunteered for a block of time i...

8 months ago

Walking track from Sandy Point to Warratah bay.

8 months ago

Get rid of "give way to vehicles" understood to have just been painted on pedestrian footpaths in Foster. They're dangerous. Victoria is the only place in the universe to have such road rule and after 10 years of campaign, got visit from VicRoads this week to get rid of these things in Cowes, previously considered to be one and only, so expected to be banished. They cause more hesitation, anxiety, arm waving and horn blaring than they're worth. Power should always guve way d

8 months ago

1: improve the facilities of the Foster Swimming pool. The energetic committee has the pool running well but improved infrastructure is required with funds from the shire.

2: dredge the Toora boat ramp channel so that there is all tide access. At present Port Welshpool is the only all tide public access in the entire inlet. It is ridiculously busy on good boating days. It would be good for tourism and locals to have better access to the inlet. The previous council got close to achieving the dredging and hopefully this council will take it up again.

8 months ago

Help the korumburra tennis club. As a member we have been working so hard to upgrade and revamp our beloved club.

A nice walking path and rail trail
As a new nother in Korumburra there aren't many paths to walk with a pram. We have a beautiful town but can't seen much of it from foot

8 months ago

What's the Council doing about Climate Change and How do the initiatives in Council's 2018/2019 Plan assist the shire's whole community (including residents and businesses - not just Council operations ) to (for a start):
-decrease our carbon emissions
-move to renewable energy generation and storage
-move to community owned/shared energy distribution and retail
-reduce plastic use throughout the shire
-protect and increase biodiversity in our fauna and flora
-reduce waste especially at events across the shire and at the koonwarra landfill; and
-install electric vehicle rechargi...

8 months ago

We believe that some of the more populated unsealed streets in Venus Bay need to be sealed.
Recent years have seen an increase in traffic due to a large change in the demographic IE; more permanent residents, Air BNB rental properties, Garbage trucks.
Dust from the roads is a health hazard to breathe and contaminates our water tanks.

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