Stawell Regional Health

Your contribution to the Strategic Planning process will provide Stawell Regional Health with unique community perspectives and insights into what matters when it comes to health service provision in the local community.

Stawell Regional Health is required to develop a Strategic Plan to guide the organisation over the next three years. It highlights priority areas for the organisation to undertake that require an additional investment of time, effort and resources. It further highlights the difference that Stawell Regional Health would like to its communities health and well-being and how the organisation intends to achieve better outcomes.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to participate and help the Stawell Regional Health Board shape the future of healthcare in the local community and beyond.

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Project Timeline

  • Strategic Planning Project Initiation

  • Board Strategic Planning Decision Making Forum

  • Community, Key Stakeholder & Staff Engagement

  • Community, Key Stakeholder & Staff Forums

  • Strategic Planning Documentation Development & Presentations

  • Strategic Plan Developed & Project Completed

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