Pierre de Coubertin Park – Playground Concept Plan


We have taken on board your feedback and Council’s landscape architects have been busy working on a concept plan for an upgraded Pierre de Coubertin Park playground.

In November and December 2018, consultation revealed that 98% of respondents supported an upgrade of Pierre de Coubertin Park playground.

You told us that safety, including a lack of sun protection, the deteriorating condition of the soft fall surface in the playground, lack of fencing and the placement of equipment were key areas you would like improved.

There were also suggestions on how to improve the playground to ensure it met the diverse needs of the community.

To see more about the first stage of this consultation, please visit https://oursay.org/cityofparramatta/pdcp-playground-1

We have worked hard to ensure that the concept plan reflects this feedback, and have included:

  • Shade sails that extend into the main play space to provide more sun protection;
  • New soft fall to repair the damaged surface which currently exists;
  • Removing and relocating two fig trees from the eastern side of the playground to aid with potential root issues in the soft fall zone, and to allow the shade sails to be implemented;
  • Maintaining of the Sydney Olympic Park view corridor;
  • A range of play equipment to ensure we cater for a wide variety of play. The equipment also includes a number of accessible items (including a carousel, trampolines, a racing track, swings and potential sections of a play tower).


Much thought has been put into the removal of the two fig trees along the current fence line. After consulting with landscape architects, it was determined that to enhance the play space, allow room for the new shade sails and preserve the new soft fall, as well as for the health of the trees, it was best to remove two trees with the aim of relocating them in another area of Newington (location to be determined during detailed design). In their current location, the fig trees were experiencing stunted growth due to the close proximity in which they were originally planted. The trees that will remain in place will be provided with more space and have the opportunity to thrive, potentially developing healthier and wider, natural shade cover.




Submissions have now closed as of 9am on Monday 11 November 2019.


Thank you for your participation, we are currently reviewing your feedback and will keep you updated.

For more information about this project, please contact Council’s Place Services Team via email at placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or on (02) 9806 5050.


Page last updated Monday 11 November 2019

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