Jump on in! You can help create a healthy swimmable river by 2025.


You have told us that you would prefer to swim in the Parramatta River than go to the beach, if there were more swimmable locations closer to home.

The Parramatta River Masterplan has been developed by the Parramatta River Catchment Group, which is an alliance across government and industry partners. It outlines 10 recommended actions to create more swimmable locations along the river.

The Parramatta River belongs to all of us. Our community currently enjoys four swimming spots.


Do you want to join our swim squad?

Your feedback on the Draft Parramatta River Masterplan, via an online forum and guided response form, was incorporated into the final document. 

You can get involved with helping us deliver on the Parramatta River Masterplan – floral swimming caps are optional. Read the summary of the ten steps that can be taken to create more swimmable locations along the Parramatta River. 


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