Help Plan Cohuna District Hospital's Future!

The Board of Cohuna District Hospital are excited to engage with the community to work out the best direction for the organisation now and into the future.

Cohuna District Hospital is a small rural health service and is expected to play an essential role in the provision of healthcare to its local communities, and facilitate patient access to appropriate services through referral pathways.


Cohuna District Hospital can safely provide low risk, low complexity maternity and surgical services, emergency stabilisation and urgent care, community and primary care services, residential aged care and prevention and management of disease. Cohuna District Hospital works with larger health services across the sub-region, region and metropolitan Melbourne to ensure its community can access appropriate care, at the right time in the right place.


We would like to invite all of our community, key stakeholders and staff to participate in the Strategic Planning process. We have created a range of ways in which you can let us know what you think. We have:

  • An on-line forum
  • Surveys
  • Individual and Group interviews
  • Community and Staff Forums


Use one or all opportunities for engagement.  We are waiting to hear from you and hope that you can help us ensure that Cohuna District Hospital not only survives but thrives into the future.

It is a legal requirement that Victorian public health services, like Cohuna District Hospital, develop a strategic plan. It is expected that Strategic Plans will cover a period of three to five years and are documents that describe a health services context, purpose, vision, objectives and longer term strategies to deliver on their vision in line with Government policy and other Statewide plans.


The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Strategic Planning Guidelines describe strategic planning as, “the process of producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organisation is, what it does and why it does it.” The purpose of the Cohuna District Hospital Strategic Plan is to demonstrate:

  • How they will ensure the health service is able to meet the health needs of the communities it serves
  • Its contribution towards system-wide goals, including addressing specific performance and policy priorities set by the Victorian Government
  • The approaches that the health service will develop with key partners to address the population health needs for its catchment population

To help us plan our collective future we need to hear from you, Community Members and Cohuna District Hospital Staff Members. From 20-31 July our phone lines are open. Book now to schedule a 20 minute phone interview with our facilitator Claire Edwards. Email with your preferred interview date and time.

In August 2020 we will be running a Community Forum and Staff Workshops to ensure we have heard you correctly and understand what you want our future to look like. If you are interested in attending the Community Forum or a Staff Workshop email expressing your interest and we will notify you of the date, time and location as they are scheduled.


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