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Are there any issues about biodiversity you feel strongly about in our community?

We have a draft plan for protecting the Frankston ecosystem.

Vote, comment or post below. 

Responding to your ideas

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2 years ago

Continue o with Street planting’s of native fauna friendly shrubbery and trees.

2 years ago

Ensure all Council capital works projects and maintenance operations adhere to the ‘avoid, minimise, mitigate’ principles wherever possible.

2 years ago

Comments on Draft Bio Plan
6. Principles
add new point - Weeds are a major threat to biodiversity. etc...
6.2 Avoid, Minimise and Mitigate
para 2 "or for ecological restoration" meaning not clear to me.
para 5 mitigation measures re planting. Could add - signed off on/followed up by/ or checked by FCC.
6.3 Protect Threatened Species
para 1 add some or one plant to list.
6.4 Enhance Connectivity
add new point - Identify areas of ecological value currently being unmanaged and potentially lost due to :-
unknown sovereignty
physically difficult access
budget limitations

2 years ago

Promote Frankston’s rare and threatened flora and fauna as assets for the community to value, protect and contribute to their recovery.

2 years ago

Manage parks and reserves supporting rare and threatened species to protect and enhance their populations.

2 years ago

Critically assess development proposals, capital works plans and maintenance operations which may potentially impact on key habitat for threatened species or impact on habitat connectivity with a view to achieving the best possible outcomes for these species.

2 years ago

Continue to identify and map habitat for threatened species through on-going surveys.

2 years ago

Advocate for Frankston’s future growth, land use, land zoning and urban design to be sympathetic to existing natural areas and habitat corridors.

2 years ago

More resources and more staff are needed for the Foreshore Reserves. These reserves contain remnants of vegetation types that existed prior to European settlement. These flora vestiges are our Natural Heritage and are worth protecting.
These narrow strips of vegetation provide a contiguous coastal corridor for wild life to shelter, promoting biodiversity.
The FCC needs to reduce backyard beach entry to along Gould Street only allowing beach access via a few dedicated paths.
A comprehensive weed eradication programme followed by revegetating with endemic plants should be priority.

2 years ago

Within 6 months of the adoption of any Action Plan - set up a Community Action Group to reduce the number of Indian Minor Birds in the Municipality.

See for a 'working approach' to this Issue

Aspects would include: information dissemination; i.e. local meetings to form 'Action Groups' to trap on Private & Municipal Lands, targeted to reduce pressure in areas better suited to native species.

I am prepared to speak to this idea and to be active in the setting up of any such initiative.

Jason Clarke

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