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The geological features at the base of Oliver's Hill will be irreparable if earthworks are permitted to build a breakwater from this area.

DON'T build at the base of Olivers Hill...

The design of the new facilities shall create a landmark building at the southern end of the boardwalk.

Adding to traffic congestion along the Nepean Highway is dumb idea. Rapid response by helicopter to be encouraged.

Breakwaters can prevent siltation of channels and creeks (e.g. Kananook Creek) by interrupting the movement of sand along the shore.

Breakwaters can change the beach profile.

Frankston City Council maintain native vegetation, cleanliness and infrastructure on the foreshore.

Frankston City Council constantly desilts Kannanook Creek.

The Frankston and Seaford shorelines change from season to season.

Breakwaters protect erosion of the foreshore from the impacts of waves and currents.

Breakwaters may result in changes to near shore and intertidal habitat affecting marine life.

Breakwaters can be constructed to provide both coastal protection and habitat for marine species.

Breakwaters provide shoreline habitat for a range of marine birds and mammals.

Artificial reefs near Frankston pier have been successful in providing marine habitat.

Any new Coast Guard building should not encroach on foreshore vegetation or dune systems.

Council must seek approval from State Government to undertake any work on the foreshore.

Council manages the Foreshore day-to-day.

The Frankston Coast Guard vessel is kept in Patterson River Marina.

Over the last year approximately 150 people have been rescued by the Frankston Coast Guard.

It takes an hour, depending on body weight, for a person in open water to die of hypothermia.

It takes an hour, depending on body weight, for a person in open water to die of hypothermia.

On average Frankston Coast Guard get called out once per week.

The majority of search and rescue operations are in adverse weather conditions.

The water police are based in Williamstown about 30 km from Frankston (30 minutes in fine weather and up to 3+ hours in foul weather).

More water police near Frankston’s foreshore would improve marine safety and benefit the general public.

Council wants a safe boat refuge and new Coast Guard facility in Frankston.

Weather-depending it takes the Coast Guard about 45 mins to travel from Patterson River Marina out into the bay.

Carrum is the busiest launching facility for recreational boats on Port Phillip Bay

Frankston’s beaches are the most accessible beaches.

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