Sandy Point Caravan and Camping Ground Investigation

Our coast line continues to be an attraction for intrastate, interstate and overseas visitors. A key characteristic of tourism in coastal Victoria is the huge influx of visitors and beach users over the summer period. Most of our coastal towns more than double in size each summer and Sandy Point is no exception.

The existing Sandy Point Caravan Park is now small with only ten camping sites available for short stay visitors and little potential for expansion. It is likely that it will be lost in the near future to possible residential subdivision.

Traditional short stay caravan and camping grounds provide valuable tourism and economic benefits to towns and the region and Council wants to assist this to continue especially in Sandy Point. That is why Council has been undertaking an investigation designed to identify suitable land for a future caravan park in Sandy Point.

It is important to note that Council is not intending to develop or operate a new caravan park facility on the identified land. This consultation seeks only to identify an appropriate site with consideration of community feedback to provide for a future caravan and camping ground that supports the local visitor economy.

Council’s investigation found the preferred site for a future caravan and camping ground in Sandy Point to be an area of land to the west of Sandy Point. The site has advantages in terms of size and connection to an existing beach access point.

Council is seeking community input into the future planning of a caravan and camping ground in Sandy Point. Submissions to the investigation have been extended and will now close 5.00pm Friday 8 November 2019 and are to be made below.

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