Community Engagement Policy

This consultation closed on 20 November 2020.

Our Community Engagement Policy is council’s commitment to provide our community opportunities to help shape projects, strategies, services and decisions that affect you.

Get involved

We would love to hear your thoughts about how we can better work together into the future.

We’re asking how you want to be involved in Whitehorse decision-making. What decisions are most important to you? How do you want to get involved? What might encourage or prevent you from having your say?

Online Workshops

Whitehorse City Council is developing a new Community Engagement Policy. We will be running online workshops in November to help us better understand community and stakeholder views about how Council undertakes community consultation and engagement, and how you want to participate.

These workshops will help us prioritise what is most important for community consultation in Whitehorse.

Who should attend?
Anyone who lives, pays rates, works, plays, studies or has another connection with Whitehorse. We are interested in hearing from all community and stakeholders, regardless of whether you have or have not taken part in community consultation before.

Next steps

Later in the year we’ll be checking back with you to make sure we’ve understood your feedback and what’s important to our community, before seeking formal council endorsement.

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