Floodlighting Policy – Outdoor Sports and Recreation

Whitehorse City Council is developing a Policy to govern all aspects of floodlights on Council’s sports fields, including public courts, skate parks and pathways within sporting reserves. Council is seeking feedback to understand community expectations around the use of floodlighting at these sites.

Local outdoor sport and recreation participation has recently experienced significant growth, particularly through the development of women and girls football. This increase in participation, whilst positive, has resulted in many of Council’s sporting reserves nearing or reaching capacity. 

Council currently allows the use of sports fields throughout the week for training purposes using floodlighting meeting Australian standards regarding safety for sports players and the amount of light that goes into surrounding properties. Further opportunities to allow for increased participation include looking at the possibility of night competition under floodlights to increase the amount of time available for matches. Council also acknowledges that most sporting reserves that host sports clubs and active recreation are located in close proximity to residents and local amenity needs to be considered in context of floodlighting use.

The information gained through the survey will be considered by Council when developing a Floodlighting Policy to address floodlight use on sports fields and pathways in sporting reserves, outdoor courts and skate parks in the future.

Please be advised that this survey has now concluded.

Updates on this project will be provided to respondents who have provided their email address. For further information, please contact Kyle Chandler, Sports Development and Participation Officer on (03) 9262 6465 or kyle.chandler@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

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